Below are the current FREE features of QRCode.ie

  • Input Data Types
    • Text - Show specific text
    • URL - Connect to a specific web address
    • Telephone - Telephone a specific number
    • SMS - Text a specific number with a specific message
    • Email - Email a specific address
  • Output Types
    • PNG Image
  • Image Generation
    • Does not rely on External image generation such as Google Charts
Coming Soon

Below are under development and will be a service of QRCode.ie

These will build on the above FREE features.

  • Input Data Types
    • Email - Email a specific address with a specific subject and message (Reader dependent)
    • Contact Details
      • Full details in QR Code image
        Here full details are stored in the QR Code image and when scanned contact details can be added to Address Book
      • Downloadable
        The vCard is downloaded when the QR Code is scanned allowing for a smaller QR Code image.
        The vCard can also be emailed.
  • Output Types
    • PDF
  • Custom Web Addresses
    • URL Shortening
    • Editable Destination URL
  • Unified Addressing
    • URL for QR Code Image will be along lines of http://qrcode.ie/text-image.qr
    • URL for encoded data in image will be along lines of http://qrcode.ie/text-image
  • Coloured QR Code images
    • Foreground Colour
    • Background Colour
  • Advanced Configuration
    • Error Correction Level
    • Code Block Size in Pixels
    • Boundary in Code Blocks
  • Tracking
    • Impresssions
    • Scans
  • Account History

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