QR Code Readers

For your phone to be able to read QR Codes you will need to have QR Code barcode reading software installed on it.

Below is a list of applications for phones to scan or read the QR Code.

Name Mobile Devices Description
I-Nigma Android Blackberry iPhone Windows Mobile Most popular reader on a range of devices
Optiscan iPhone Popular iPhone QR Code applicaiton
Quickmark Android Windows Mobile Description
Google Zxing Android Blackberry iPhone Java Good Android reader, available in Android Market.
Nokia Nokia For Nokia phones that do not have a readed already installed.
OkoTag Android Blackberry Java Windows Mobile For Java, Blackberry, Windows Mobile and Android.

Some applications operate differently, depending on the standards it uses for decoding and performing actions. The reader application can in turn open up the correct application to handle the data it just scanned.

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